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Translate words and entire text documents with just a few clicks
Guest #32750965 — 3 years ago
The best dictionary to anyone in the world.
Majorie Ketner — 5 years ago
after using babylon for a while and comparing it to other translation sites,I decided to stay with babylon because the other ones just don't translate right.I am very satisfied till now.
jamilareisman62 — 5 years ago
The fact that I can surf the web in my native language using Microsoft Internet Explorer is perfect for me. I couldn't do that before I started to use Babylon.
Guest #20630863 — 6 years ago
bad translator
Shohom — 6 years ago
Guest #15412961 — 6 years ago
it's simpler than version 8
Balkan İlgün — 6 years ago
Improved my English
Guest — 7 years ago
Very easy to use and useful too. thanks
Raptor — 7 years ago
Very simple to use. Main features are word, document, web page translation. Huge array of dictionaries for download.
Guest — 7 years ago
Useful dictionary
siddharth — 8 years ago
Megachip — 8 years ago
cost to much
Guest — 8 years ago
excellent prog
Hazim Adil Yesildag — 8 years ago
easy and great
ajho — 8 years ago
easy to use
Guest — 8 years ago
it is so nice
Guest — 8 years ago
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